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A1 & A2 Visa

The individual concerned must be traveling to the United States on behalf of his or her national government to engage solely in official activities for that government.

AABB Testing - Refer to: DNA Relationship Testing Procedures

Genetic testing is a useful tool for verifying a stated biological relationship when no other form of credible evidence is available in conjunction with an immigrant visa (IV) application. Commonly tested relationships that utilize DNA testing include paternity, maternity, full-siblingship, or half-siblingship. More distant relationships cannot be proven reliably using DNA testing. DNA technology is the only non-documentary method accepted for proof of a biological relationship. However, due to the expense, complexity, and logistical delays inherent in parentage testing, genetic testing should be used only if no other credible proof (documentation, photos, etc.) of the relationship exists.

Adjust Status to Permanent Resident

Administrative Processing Information

Admission to the U.S. - CBP Website

Adopting a Child

Advance Parole

Advance parole is issued solely to authorize the temporary parole of a person into the United States. The document may be accepted by a transportation company (airlines) instead of a visa as an authorization to travel to the United States. An advance parole document does not replace your passport. Advance parole is most commonly used when someone has Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status, pending. If you depart the U.S. while your I-485 application is pending without first obtaining advance parole, your case will be denied unless you fit into a narrow exception for those maintaining certain nonimmigrant statuses.

Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) – CBP Website

Advisory Opinion for J-1 Waiver of Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement

Affidavit of Support

The Affidavit of Support is a legal contract between you (the petitioner for an immigrant visa applicant) and the US Government. It ensures that the visa applicant has adequate means of financial support and is unlikely to become a public charge after entering the US.

Alien Classes Ineligible to Receive Visas

Arrival-Departure Record - "I-94; I-94W" – CBP Website

Arrival-Departure Record (Admission: valid I-94, expired visa) Automatic Revalidation Fact Sheet - CBP Website

Arrival-Departure Record "Form I-94" - I forgot to turn in my I-94 - CBP Website

Asylum – USCIS Website

Athletes, Artists, Entertainers (Temporary Workers) - “P” Visa

Au Pairs (Exchange Visitor) - ECA Website

Australian in Specialty Occupation - "E-3" Visa - Australian Consulate Website

Automatic Revalidation Fact Sheet (Admission: valid I-94, expired visa) - CBP Website

Avian Flu

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Business & Tourism (B1/B2, BCC, BBBCV)

The B1 visa is intended for temporary business travel, including travel for negotiating contracts, attending exhibitions and conferences, short-term training, and consultations with suppliers and customers, etc. The B2 visa is intended for tourist activities, such as sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, obtaining medical treatment, etc. The B1 and B2 visa is not valid for employment in the United States.

B-1 Visitor Visa (domestic employees) - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)


Border Crossing Card – (BCC)

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs - ECA Website

Business Visa Center - (BVC)

Business Visa Center - Contact Information

Business Visa Center - Frequently Asked Questions

Business Travel to U.S. - What Type of Visa Will You Need (PDF)

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Camp Counselor - ECA Website

Census Bureau

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Change of Program Category - Exchange Visitors (JVisas) - ECA Website

Change of Status in the U.S.; Who May Apply - USCIS Website

Child Status Protection Act (CSPA)

Classifications: Immigrants - Types of Immigrant Visas - USCIS Website

Classifications: Nonimmigrants - Types of Nonimmigrant Visas - USCIS Website

CNMI-Only Investor – E2C – USCIS Website

CNMI-Only Transitional Worker – CW-1 – USCIS Website

Code of Federal Regulations - (CFR)

Commercial Ship or Flight Crew (C1/D)

Individual C-1/D visas are issued to crew members of international airlines and to aliens required for the normal operation and service of a vessel.  In the case of the later, in determining who qualifies for the C-1/D visa, we take into consideration the individual's responsibilities and activities on the ship.  For example the most commonly issued C-1/D visas are to crew members of cruise liners and include, but are not limited to, beauticians, entertainers and lifeguards.

Complaints About Immigration (CBP) Entry to the U.S.

Congressional Testimony

Contact a U.S. Embassy

Contact the Visa Office

Customer Service Statement

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Denials; Visas

Denials - Visas: Ineligibilities for a Visa

Department of Health & Human Services

Department of Justice

Department of Labor

DHS Trip - For Complaints About Immigration (CBP) Entry to the U.S.

Diplomatic Visas (A-1 & A-2)

The individual concerned must be traveling to the United States on behalf of his or her national government to engage solely in official activities for that government. - U.S. Travel and Tourism Website

DNA Relationship Testing Procedures

Domestic Employees

Personal or domestic servants who are accompanying or following to join an employer in the United States are eligible for B-1 visas. This category of persons includes, but is not limited to, cooks, chauffeurs, domestic employees, valets, nannies, au pairs, gardeners, and paid companions.


Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160)

Dual Citizenship

Duration of Stay

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"E-1/E-2" Visas – Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors

E-Verify - USICS Website

Embassies and Consulates (U.S.) Overseas- Locate

Emergency Travel - USCIS Website

Employment Authorization/Employment Authorization Document (EAD) - USCIS Website

Employment – Labor Certification - DOL Website

Employment Based Visas - Immigrant

Employment Based Visas - Nonimmigrant

Employment: H1-B, H1-B1, H-2A, H-2B Visas - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)

Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act

Entertainers (Temporary Workers) – “P” Visa

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) for VWP Travelers - CBP Website

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) for VWP Travelers - TSG Website

Exchange Visitor J-1 Visa - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)

Exchange Visitor Program - Private Sector Programs

Exchange Visitors and Students: Arrival Procedures - CBP Website

Exchange Visitors (J Visa)

The J exchange visitor program is designed to promote the interchange of persons, knowledge, and skills in the fields of education, arts, and sciences.

Extend My Stay in the U.S., How to - USCIS Website

Extending Stay in the U.S. and Program Extension - Exchange Visitors (J Visas) - ECA Website

Extension of Stay versus Meaning of the Visa Expiration Date

Extraordinary Ability (Temporary Workers) – “O” Visa

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"F" Visa – Academic Students

Family Based Immigrants

Fees - Visa Services - TSG Website

Fees and Forms - USCIS Website

Fiancé(e) or Spouse of an American Citizen - Immigrant - "K" Visa

Fingerprints - USCIS Website

Flight Training (Exchange Visitor) – ECA Website

Food: Prohibitions about bringing food into the U.S. - CBP Website

Foreign Affairs Manual - (FAM)

Foreign Media, Press and Radio Visas - "I" Visa

Foreign Residency Requirement - "J" Visa

Foreign Worker Labor Certification – DOL Website

Forms; Immigration - USCIS Website

Forms; I-94, I-94W, Arrival-Departure Record - CBP Website

Forms; Visa Application - TSG Website

Fraud; Reporting

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"G" Visa – International Organizations & NATO

G-5 Visa - Employees of an International Organization - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)

Genetic Testing - DNA Relationship Testing Procedures

Glossary of Visa Terms

Government Officials - Foreign

Government Websites

Green Card – (LPR) - USCIS Website

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"H" Visa – Temporary Workers

"H1-B, H1-B1, H-2A, and H-2B" Visas - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)

HIV - Removal From List of Communicable Diseases of Public Health Significance (HIV Final Rule)

Holiday - "B-2" Visitor Visa

Homeland Security, Department of (DHS)

Humanitarian Parole - USCIS Website

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"I" Visa – Journalist, Media, Press

Immigrant visas

Immigrant visas are for applicants planning to permanently relocate to the United States.   The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City is currently processing immigrant visas in the F4 and adoption categories.

Immigrant Visa Statistics

Immigration Statistics - DHS Website

Immigration and Nationality Act - (INA) - USCIS Website

Immigration Classifications and Visa Categories - USCIS Website

Import and Export - U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Website

Ineligibilities for a Visa

International Cultural Exchange (Temporary Workers) - "Q" Visa

International Flights to the U.S. - Security Measures (TSA website)

International Organizations & NATO – "G" Visa

International Organization G-5 Visa - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)

Intracompany Transferee (Temporary Workers) - "L" Visa

Investor Visas (E)

To carry on substantial trade, principally between the United States and the treaty country (E-1); or to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which the national has invested or is in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital (E-2).  

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J-1 Exchange Visitors Skill List - 2009

J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)

"J" Visa – Exchange Visitor

J-1 Visas - Advisory Opinion for Waiver of Foreign Residence Requirement (if more information needed, please search J-1 Waiver FAQs)

J-1 Waiver of Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement

J-1 Waiver of Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement - Application Process (see Eligibility and Application Procedures)

Journalists, Foreign Media - "I" Visa

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"K" Visa – Fiancé(e) / Spouse (Married Abroad)

Kentucky Consular Center - (KCC)

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"L" Visa – Intracompany Transferee - Temporary Worker

Labor Certification - Foreign Workers – DOL Website

Laser Visa - See Border Crossing Card

Lawful Permanent Resident - (LPR) - "Green Card" - CBP Website

Lawful Permanent Resident - (LPR) - "Green Card" - USCIS Website

Legal Rights and Protections: Employment and Education Based Nonimmigrants

Locate an Embassy Website

Locate - American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Website

Lost and Stolen Documents

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"M" Visa – Nonacademic Student

Marriage to a Foreign National

Media, Journalists – "I" Visa

Medical Exam/Panel Physician Information

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National Visa Center (NVC)


NATO-7 Visa - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)

News - Visa

Nonimmigrant Classifications and Types of Nonimmigrant Visas - USCIS Website

Nonimmigrants: Legal Rights and Protections for Certain Education or Employment Based Nonimmigrant Visas

Nonimmigrant visas

Nonimmigrant visas are for people visiting the U.S. temporarily for tourism, business, education, medical treatment, or petition-based employment.  The type of visa required depends on your purpose of travel.

Nonimmigrant Visa Statistics

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"O" Visa – Foreign workers with Extraordinary Ability (Temporary Workers)

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Pamphlet - Rights, Protections, and Resources (for Certain Employment and Education Based Nonimmigrants)

Panel Physician/Medical Exam Information

Parole, Humanitarian - USCIS Website

Permanent Immigrants to the U.S.

Permanent Resident (Lawful Permanent Resident(LPR)- "Green Card") - CBP Website

Permanent Resident (Lawful Permanent Resident(LPR)- "Green Card") - USCIS Website

Petition-Based Employment (H, L, O, P, Q, R)

H, L, O, P, Q, and R visas entitle the holder to work in the United States. All require the hiring company or organization in the United States to first submit a petition to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for permission.

Photograph Requirements

Physician (Exchange Visitor) – ECA Website

Poverty Guidelines

Premium Processing Service – Temporary Workers - USCIS Website

Press & Media (I Visa)

Press and broadcast media require different types of nonimmigrant visas depending on the purpose of travel.

Professor (Exchange Visitor) -  ECA Website

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"Q" Visa – International Cultural Exchange Visitor - (Temporary Workers)

Questions About Visas?

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Refugees - Dept of State, PRM Website

Refugees - U.N. High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) Website

Refugees - USCIS Website

Refugee Resettlement - Health and Human Services Website

Religious Workers

The Religious Worker (R) visa is for persons seeking to enter the United States (U.S.) to work in a religious capacity on a temporary basis, under provisions of U.S. law, specifically the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Renewing your A, G, or NATO Visas

Replacing your lost or stolen Visa

Report of the Visa Office - Visa Statistics

Returning Resident Alien

Rights and Protections: Employment and Education Based Nonimmigrant

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Safety and Security of U.S. Borders

Scholar – ECA Website

Security Measures for International Flights to the U.S. (TSA website)

Services - Listed by Post (Embassy / Consulate)

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Social Security Card - How to Apply (Non-citizens/Immigration)

Social Security Card - How to Replace Your Card

Spouse /Fiancé(e) of an American Citizen - Immigrant - "K" Visa

Statistics: Immigration - DHS Website

Students- Department of State - ECA Website

Students and Exchange Visitors: Arrival Procedures - CBP Website

Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) - ICE Website

Student Visas (F, M)

U.S. immigration law provides two nonimmigrant visa categories for study in the United States. The "F" visa is for academic studies, and the "M" visa is for nonacademic or vocational studies.

Summer Work / Travel (Exchange Visitor) – ECA Website

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Telegrams; Visa Policy

Temporary Religious Workers

Temporary Protected Status - USCIS Website

Temporary Visitors: Nonimmigrant Visas - TSG Website

Temporary Visitors: See Nonimmigrant Visas - USCIS Website

Temporary Worker H1-B, H1-B1, H-2A, H-2B Visas - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)

Temporary Workers - Overview

Tourism - "B-2" Visitor Visa

Tourism -

Trainees (Temporary Workers) – "H-3" visa

Transit Visa

A citizen of a foreign country traveling in immediate and continuous transit through the United States (U.S.) in route to a foreign destination requires a valid transit (C) visa.

Transit Without a Visa (TWOV) - CBP Website

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Travel Document

Traveler Complaints About Immigration (CBP) Entry to the U.S.

Traveler Redress - For Complaints About Immigration (CBP) Entry to the U.S.

Treaty Traders & Treaty Investors - "E" Visa

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U & T Visas

U and T visas are for victims of violent crimes committed in the United States.

U.N. High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) Website

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

U.S. Embassies and Consulates Overseas - Locate

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)


US-VISIT Program - DHS Website

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Vacation – "B2" Visitor Visa

Vacation -

Vaccination Requirements for Immigrant Visa Applicants

Visa Bulletin

Visa Categories - USCIS Website

Visa Denials

Visa Issuing Posts (Consulate / Embassy)

Visa Policy; U.S.

Visa: Reading Your Visa

Visa Reciprocity Table

Visa Services - Who We Are

Visa Statistics

Visa Types for Permanent Immigrants

Visa Types for Temporary Visitors (Nonimmigrant)

Visa Wait Times

Visa Waiver Program (VWP) - TSG Website

Visa Waiver Program (VWP):  ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) - CBP Website

Visa Waiver Program (VWP):  ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) - TSG Website

Visa Waiver Program - Travel from Mexico - TSG Website

Visitor B-1 Visa for Domestic Employees - Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet (Wilberforce Act)

Visitor Visas - Business and Pleasure - "B" Visa

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Waivers and Ineligibilities

Waiver of Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement for J-1 Visa Holders

Waiver of Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement for J Visa Holders - Advisory Opinions

Website Fraud Warning

What is a Visa?

William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act

Work Authorization/Work Authorization Document (EAD) - USCIS Website

Workers – Labor Certification - DOL Website

Workers (Employment)

Workers (Temporary)

World Health Organization (WHO)

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