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The Interview

Interview day can be an exciting experience.  You should be aware of the following before coming for your appointment:

Carry with You to the Interview:

  • Your valid passport and previously issued passports
  • The DS-160 confirmation page with barcode
  • The Banamex or Scotiabank visa application fee receipts
  • H, L, and other petition-based visa applicants may bring copies of the I-797, I-129 and other petition-related documents
  • F, M students must bring the SEVIS receipt and I-120. 
  • J exchange visitors must bring the SEVIS receipt and DS-2019.
  • Minors should bring one recent (within the past six months) passport size photograph 50mm X 50mm (2" x 2") with a white background.
  • Third country nationals with Mexican residency should bring their IFE with them. 

NOTE:  The above documents may or may not be reviewed at the time of your interview


We advise applicants to arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled interview.  Contrary to myth, it is not necessary to book space at a local hotel or shop to wait for your appointed time. 


Due to security concerns and space limitations, U.S. consular sections do not permit interested parties such as friends, relatives, attorneys or business contacts to attend the visa interview with the applicant.

All U.S. Embassy and Consulates visitors and their personal belongings must pass through security screening before entering into the building.  For reasons of safety and security, visitors may not bring these prohibited items into the Embassy or Consulate:

  • Cellphones, computers,  and other electronic devices
  • Media devices such as CD’s, thumb drives, SD cards, headphones, speakers, etc.
  • Cameras or video equipment
  • Flashlights
  • Lighters and matches
  • Weapons or any item which can be used as a weapon
  • Knives and other sharp objects
  • Purses and bags larger than 18” x 18”
  • Liquids, gels, aerosols, oils, lotions, or powder (exceptions below)


The following items are permitted:

  • Declare medical devices before security screening
  • Small quantities of make-up
  • Small quantities of baby formula, baby food, milk
  • Small quantities of diapers
  • Belts
  • Watches
  • Keys
  • Non-liquid medication
  • Baby carriers and baby strollers that can be folded small enough to pass through an x-ray machine.

These lists are not all inclusive and security officials reserve the right to deny entry of items determined to be unsafe or a threat to security.  

One, Two, Three, Four

Completion of your interview is a four-step process. 

  1. Upon arrival you will be given a numbered ticket or simply directed to a line.
  2. Next, you may be called to a window to review your DS-160 application. This is a great opportunity to correct any information that may have been entered incorrectly on your DS-160 NIV Application.
  3. Next, your fingerprints will be verified.
  4. Finally, a visa officer will interview you and make a final decision regarding your qualifications for the visa.