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Business Facilitation Program: Guidelines for Members
  • BFP applicants must be direct-hire employees of member companies or universities. Contractors and individuals sponsored by the company do not qualify for BFP appointments.
  • Applicants must be travelers conducting business for the member company or university in Mexico. In the case of universities, students are not authorized to use the BFP. Applicants applying to travel to the United States for personal reasons do not qualify for appointments under BFP; however, family members, including spouses and children (under 21 and unmarried) can use the BFP program when travel is linked to travel an employee is making for their company.

    • Applicants must carry a BFP referral form printed on official letterhead and signed by a BFP authorized signatory. We strongly encourage you to differentiate your BFP cover letter with a seal, variance of color, serial number, etc. 
    • You can update your letterhead or signatories at any time. In order to change the signatories or letterhead (including your office address or other details), please send a new, original copy of the letterhead with the new signatories to the U.S. Embassy, Attn: "Consular Section, BFP Resource Officer". 
    • All members can submit up to four signatories. Two to four signatories are requested in order to account for any possible holiday leave or travel of member representatives.

  • Companies must comply with BFP visa-related audits. We request that you track and keep on file detailed information for all your employees applying for visas.
  • Companies discovered to have misused the program will be disqualified from BFP. Misuse includes, but is not limited to:

    • Misrepresentation of facts in documentation provided by the member company.
    • Submission of applications for persons not actually employed by the member company.
    • Submission of applications for persons not traveling on official company business.
  • Suspected misuse of any visa by an employee should be reported to the U.S. Embassy immediately. 
  • Companies and universities are requested not to ask for reconsideration of applications or details of an applicant’s case. All applicants are interviewed by a Consular Officer and cases are adjudicated individually. Applicants who are refused a visa may reapply and a different Consular Officer will adjudicate the case according to U.S. immigration law.