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Immigrant Visas

Applicant Instructions

Starting April 1st. 2011, immigrant visa applicants must complete the following steps prior to attending your consular interview appointment:

  1. Complete the DS-260 form online at
  2. Print the DS-260 form confirmation page.
  3. Next, go to  and follow the instructions to log in and to schedule an appointment at any of the Applicant Service Centers (ASCs) in Mexico.  Each applicant is required to appear in person at the ASC prior to the consular appointment date.  At the ASC your fingerprints and photographs will be collected.
  4. At the same website,, select a DHL courier office location where you would like to receive your visa.


On your interview date
  • Do not arrive at the Embassy before 6:00 a.m. or more than 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Your place in line will not be determined by the order in which you arrive.
  • The Embassy is located at Paseo de la Reforma 305, Col. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico D.F. Upon arrival, please proceed to the Rio Danubio entrance for further instruction.
  • All immigrant visa applicants, regardless of age, should appear in person for their interview.
  • All immigrant visa applicants MUST bring the following documents to their interview:
    • Appointment letter from the National Visa Center
    • Any current or expired U.S. nonimmigrant visas (border crossing cards or visas in a passport)
    • Tax documents from the most recent tax year for both the petitioner and any joint sponsors
    • Proof of the petitioner’s U.S. citizenship (U.S. birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or current U.S. passport)  
  • The Embassy processes thousands of nonimmigrant visa applications and a significant number of immigrant visa applications every day. Although every effort is made to minimize wait time, applicants may experience delays at the Embassy. 
  • Once applicants qualify for an immigrant visa, they may pick up their visa at the DHL office they selected when they scheduled their ASC appointment.
  • No assurance can be given in advance that a visa will be issued. The applicant is advised NOT to make travel arrangements, dispose of property, or give up employment until the visa has been issued. Please note that the US$400 fee paid in advance to the National Visa Center (NVC) is nonrefundable, regardless of the outcome of the interview.

Security Instructions

  • Do not talk to strangers on the street or provide your documents to anyone offering to put them in order. If you have a question, please direct it to Embassy personnel once you are inside the visa section.
  • No one is permitted to enter the visa section with weapons, luggage, cameras, cell phones, or any type of electronic or recording device. Food and beverages are also not permitted. Applicants may check cell phones and electronic devices with the guards at the visa section entrance. All visitors are subject to search.

After Visa Issuance

  • An immigrant visa is usually valid for a maximum of six months from the date of issuance. The applicant must travel and apply for admission to the United States within that six-month period.