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After Interview
  • Delivery Instructions

    Delivery Instructions

    • To Obtain you DHL waybill Number
      1. Go to
      2. Click "Log In" on the top right corner.
      3. Enter the passport number, nationality, and date of birth.
        NOTE: The passport number is available on the printed confirmation page and the confirmation email.
      4. If the status says "Ready for pick-up" a Waybill Number will appear. Copy the information.
      5. Go to the DHL location previously chosen with the Waybill Number information at hand. To obtain more information about the DHL location where the passport is held, visit and use the "Track your Shipment" tool.
      6. Enter the DHL Waybill Number from step 4.

      If after 10 business days your DHL Waybill Number does not appear in your account on the appointment website, the Embassy's Visa Unit will assist you. Send an email to with the following information for each applicant:

      • Full Name
      • Passport Number
      • Date of Birth
      • Date Appeared at the Applicant Service Center
      • Date Appeared at the Embassy
      • Additional Details
  • Administrative Processing

    Administrative Processing

    • All non-immigrant and immigrant visa applicants (including 'K' visa applicants) may require administrative processing. While most administrative procedures occur prior to the final immigrant visa interview, in some instances additional processing may be required after the interview. They cannot be expedited and our office does not have any control over them. Applicants should plan their schedules accordingly.
  • Waiver Procedures

    Waiver Procedures

    • The Waiver Process

      If you have been advised by a Consular Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico, that you are inadmissible to the United States, then you must file a Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Ineligibility (revised 06/04/2012) and Form G-325, Biographic Information, pay a $585 application fee, and submit the “extreme hardship” evidence discussed below. You may download the I-601 and G-325 from

      Please note that the I-601 filing fee must be paid by U.S. Postal or other U.S. money order or Mexican bank cashier’s check issued in U.S. dollars and printed in the English language. These are the only acceptable forms of payment. Payment will be made at the time your waiver application is submitted to USCIS.

      If you are outside the United States and were found inadmissible at your visa interview with a Consular Officer, you must file your form I-601 with the USCIS Phoenix Lockbox facility at the following address:

      For US Postal Service:

      P.O. Box 21600
      Phoenix, AZ 85036

      For Express mail or Courier deliveries:

      ATTN: 601/212Foreign Filers
      1820 E. Skyharbor, Circle S, Suite 100
      Phoenix, AZ 85034

  • Pending Documents

    Pending Documents

    • If your case was pending due to an Administrative Processing, Medical Examination, New Sponsor or other documentation:

      You might bring your documents to the information window from 13:00 to 14:00 hrs Monday through Friday. The entrance is through Rio Danubio Street and no appointment is needed.

      You will be attended by an Immigrant Visa Section representative to receive your documents and/or answer your questions regarding the Immigrant Visa Process in the US Embassy in Mexico City.

  • For New Immigrants: Welcome to the United States

    For New Immigrants: Welcome to the United States

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