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Press Releases & Statements

Mexico Joins G8 Global Partnership

Mexico City, December 14, 2012 – Members of the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction (Global Partnership) welcome Mexico as the newest addition to the Global Partnership.  Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs at the U.S. Department of State, and the 2012 Global Partnership Chair, made the announcement.  The Global Partnership addresses nuclear and radiological security, biosecurity, scientist engagement, and facilitation of implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 through cooperative projects.  Mexico is the first Latin American country to join the Global Partnership, which reflects their commitment and willingness to take a leadership role in combating WMD terrorism.

The Global Partnership began at the 2002 Kananaskis G8 Summit as a 10-year, $20 billion initiative to prevent terrorists or states that support them from acquiring or developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD).  Since then, the Global Partnership has grown to include 25 members and has allocated about $21 billion worldwide.  At the 2011 G8 Summit in Deauville, leaders agreed to extend the Partnership beyond 2012 and to make it more truly global.