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Ambassador Wayne Praises the Inter-American Foundation’s Support of Grassroots Development in Mexico

Ambassador Wayne Praises the Inter-American Foundation’s Support of Grassroots Development in Mexico

Mexico City, March 6, 2012 -- U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne met March 6 with Gabriela Boyer, the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) representative for Mexico.

Ambassador Wayne said, “I was very pleased to learn of the range of programs funded by the IAF in Mexico and the creative approaches taken by Mexican Civil Society groups to improve the well-being and engagement of communities throughout Mexico.”

The Inter-American Foundation (IAF) is an independent foreign assistance agency of the United States government that provides grants for grassroots development in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Created by Congress in 1969, the IAF carries out its mandate by providing grants to grassroots groups and nongovernmental organizations.  It also encourages partnerships among community organizations, businesses and local government directed at improving the quality of life for poor people and strengthening democratic practices.

Since 1972, the IAF has funded a total of 376 grants in Mexico, investing more than 58 million dollars.  The IAF portfolio in Mexico currently consists of 25 active grants totaling over five million dollars, which can be found in about 10 states and are focused on sectors that include agro-forestry, community management of forests, carbon offsets, organic farming, education and training, and enterprise development. 

The IAF has a partnership with the Fundacion del Empresariado en Mexico, A.C., (FUNDEMEX), which mobilizes additional funds from international and corporate foundations to support grassroots initiatives throughout Mexico.  The projects the IAF funds benefit diverse indigenous communities which include Tzeltal, Tzotzil and Ch’ol Mayans, Mixes, Mixtecs, Chinantecs, Zoque, Zapotecs, Nahuans, Otomí, Raramurí and Odami.

“Mexico is greatly blessed with its diversity of people.  The IAF’s priority on supporting indigenous communities is wise and well-targeted.  I am also gratified that the IAF is keeping an eye on sustainable development, working, for example, to safeguard forest resources and aquifers,” said Ambassador Wayne.

More information about IAF grants in Mexico is available at: