U.S.-Mexico At A Glance

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

NAFTA, proximity to the United States, and macroeconomic stability make Mexico an attractive location for foreign direct investment (FDI).  Additional reforms to improve competition, labor regulations, and education quality are needed to increase competitiveness and encourage more FDI.  Mexico ranked 18th among the largest worldwide destinations and 7th among developing countries according to World Investment Report 2013 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), see table below.  

In 2012, the FDI received in Mexico totaled $12.66 billion, 34.9% less than what was originally reported in the same period of 2011 ($19.43 billion).  Of this total, 55.7% was channeled to the manufacturing industry, 20% to retail, 12.9% to the construction sector and the rest to other sectors.  The FDI came mainly from the United States (58.5%), Japan (13.1%), Canada (8.2%), Germany (5.9%), Netherlands (5.7%) and France (2.6%).

Access the full text of Foreign Direct Investment. (PDF, 513 Kb)

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