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Magazine Articles

*Full texts of these articles are available upon request from the Benjamin Franklin Library

  • Barr, Katherine. Intellectual property crimes. Survey of White Collar Crime. American Criminal Law Review Spring 2003 v40 i2 p771(53)
  • Chiang., Eric P. Determinants of cross-border intellectual property rights enforcement: the role of trade sanctions. Southern Economic Journal Oct 2004 v71 i2 p424(17)
  • Coffin, Bill Fighting the global scourge of IP theft. (intellectual property). Risk Management July 2004 v51 i7 p44(1)
  • Drug patent, price disputes could hamper FTAA approval. (Free Trade Area of the Americas)
    Miami Daily Business Review April 26, 2004 v78 i222
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  • Swanson, Tait R. Combating gray market goods in a global market: comparative analysis of intellectual property laws and recommended strategies. Duke Law & Technology Review, June 3, 2002
  • U.S. chamber of commerce decries $250 billion in counterfeit trade. (Intellectual Property Rights). MSI June 2004 v22 i6 p28(1)