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Job Opportunities

Personnel Office - Open Positions

Please click below for more information on the available positions.

(If the page is blank, no positions are currently being advertised. Please revisit this site in a few days to check if new positions have opened.)

  1. A52-677 Residential Maintenance Inspector - Mechanical, FSN-7, FP-7*/D52-677 Residential Maintenance Inspector - Mechanical, FSN-6, FP-6* (Developmental grade) (Open from February 6 - Until filled)
  2. A52-510 Residential Maintenance Inspector- Electrical, FSN-7, FP-7*/ D52-510 Residential Maintenance Inspector- Electrical, FSN-6, FP-8* (Developmental Level) - Open from February 24th, 2015 - Until filled)
  3. A52-701 Motor Pool Supervisor FSN-9 *FP-5 / D52-701 Motor Pool Supervisor (Developmental Level) FSN-8 *FP 6 (Open from march 23 until filled)
  4. CAI-D14 Financial Analyst, FSN-11 (Open from March 25th - April 24th, 2015)
  5. A71-002 Cultural Affairs Specialist, FSN-11, FP-04, D71-002 Cultural Affairs Specialist, FSN-10, FP-05 (Developmental Level) (Open from March 27th - April 10th, 2015)
  6. A54-202 & A54-212 Human Resources Assistant FSN-7, FP-07/D54-202 & D54-212 Human Resources Assistant FSN-6, FP-08* (Developmental grade) (Open from March31 to April 15, 2015)
  7. A53-111 Financial Management Analyst, FSN-9 FP-05*/D53-111 Financial Management Analyst, FSN-8 FP-06* (developmental grade) (Open from March 31 to April 15, 2015)
  8. A52-303 Shipment Assistant, FSN-8, FP-06* (Open from April 1 to April 15, 2015)
  9. ADE-F14 Chofer FSN-4, FP-AA* (Abierto del 6 al 20 de abril de 2015)

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