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Mexico Security Update


Week of September 5 

A prominent politician was assassinated on the street during the daytime in the Providencia neighborhood of Guadalajara which is a part of the city frequented by resident and visiting American citizens.

There was another assassination near the Gallerias shopping mall in Zapopan near a Costco store popular with American citizens.

A 13-year old American citizen was kidnapped along with her family in Nuevo Cd. Guerro, Tamaulipas. 

A family, including two American citizen children, has been kidnapped then rescued by the Mexican military in Sabinas Hidalgo.

Week of September 12

A shootout in Chapala close to the Mayor’s office between criminal elements and municipal police resulted in the death of three criminals and destruction of two vehicles. The battle included the use of high caliber weapons and grenades.  Chapala hosts one of the largest populations of retired American citizens outside the U.S.

The Consulate in Merida is aware of recent incidents of violence in Playa del Carmen. We note that all of the incidents were targeted, and that none involved American citizens. There continue to be no restrictions on official Americans visiting Playa del Carmen or elsewhere in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Ciudad Juárez
An American University student and his friend were shot near Hotel San Antonio in the center of Ciudad Juarez.

An American citizen has been shot and killed in Nueva Ciudad Guerrero while she was driving a white car on 12 September.

Week of September 18

Mexico City
On September 21, masked men blocked traffic by dumping 35 bodies on a busy intersection between Veracruz and Boca del Rio. Most victims have been identified as cartel members but this road is well frequented by tourists.

On September 21, at approximately 2245 hours, five armed assailants entered a local restaurant located near the corner of Homero and the Pereferico in the Polanco neighborhood.  Local police were notified and quickly responded to the scene, leading to an exchange of gunfire between the police and the assailants.  The exchange of gunfire resulted in the death of three assailants and the wounding of one of the police officers who responded to the scene. 

In the early morning of Thursday 22, there was about 20 minutes of sustained full auto gun fire occurring in multiple areas of the city, including the Kennedy and Granja districts where the Consulate General and official housing are located. Some of the fire occurred very close to residential housing. It appears two official residences were hit by gunfire, and the U.S. Consulate building appears to have taken seven hits. Later that day, a second battle between cartels erupted in the Colossio neighborhood, two miles southeast of the Consulate building.

On September 23, an American citizen reported a carjacking just after he passed the B&M International bridge on his way to Matamoros. He was left unharmed but carless.

In central Guadalajara an American citizen was the victim of a home invasion and suffered several stab wounds.
In Puerto Vallarta a Mexican attorney was shot on the boardwalk of the marina.
In Chapala, there were two shootouts near the town center involving automatic weapons and grenades. 

Week of September 26

An American was forcibly kidnapped from his house in Bucerias, Nayarit by a group of assailants posing as policemen. His wife and children were initially taken also but later released within hours of the attack. Two days later, Police found the American and reunited him with his family.  In Guadalajara, 2 miles from the US consulate, there was an execution during daylight hours with multiple gunshots.

Near Ciudad Victoria, an American citizen on his way to San Miguel Allende was car-chased for an attempted car-jacking. He sped up to avoid surrendering his car and the assailants shot at the car which sustained some bullets.

The city of Nogales has seen an uptick in violent events in recent weeks, including shooting in many parts of town, multiple bullet impacts on the Consulate, and a thwarted kidnapping that resulted in the deaths of two kidnappers and the arrest of two others. As far as the Consulate is aware, all events have been TCO related and Americans have not been targeted. Regardless, recent events call for an increased level of awareness.

Sunday Oct. 2, midnight, gunmen armed with AK-47s assassinated 5 people outside of a convenience store after following and blocking the victims’ car. No Americans were involved, but the incident occurred just a few blocks from the Consular Agency located in the Golden Zone where tourists frequent.