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Mexico Security Update

June 2011

The following information is provided as an overview of recent security incidents that, because of their location or nature, could have an impact on the safety of U.S. citizens traveling and living in Mexico.  This information is not intended to include all safety and security incidents that have occurred in Mexico.  Readers should review the U.S. Government’s Country Specific Information and the latest Travel Warning issued for Mexico, as well as monitor local and U.S. media sources for the very latest information.

Week of June 18
Ciudad Juarez – Within hours of each other on June 22, two mid-day shootouts occurred near the Consulate.  The first attack occurred near the Zaragoza/Ysleta port-of-entry (POE), the closest POE to the U.S. Consulate.  Later that same afternoon in an unrelated incident, several gunmen shot at a car, injuring its two passengers, on Teófilo Borunda Avenue.  The injured individuals sought and found refuge at the nearby Camino Real, a hotel near the Consulate.
Week of June 25
Mazatlan – On  June 27th around noon  there was gun battle between rival criminal elements in Mazatlan at a car wash near the tourist zone.  This incident resulted in the death of an innocent bystander washing his car at the facility, a business used frequently by American citizen residents of the city. 

Week of June 6
Ciudad Juarez – Armed gunmen killed two individuals during a mid-day assassination on June 9.  The victims were stopped in their car at the intersection of Tecnologico and Aguacaliente.  Tecnologico is a main thoroughfare parallel to the U.S. Consulate General.
Week of June 13
Mexico City - On June 14, a woman attempted to assault a U.S. Embassy employee with a knife on Paseo de la Reforma less than one block west of the U.S. Embassy.