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Mexico Security Update

The following information is provided as an overview of recent security incidents that, because of their location or nature, could have an impact on the safety of U.S. citizens traveling and living in Mexico.  This information is not intended to include all safety and security incidents that have occurred in Mexico.  Readers should review the U.S. Government’s Country Specific Information and the latest Travel Warning issued for Mexico, as well as monitor local and U.S. media sources for the very latest information.

Consular agencies report that a common phone scam is developing in Mexico. The caller claims to be a distressed parent calls an adult child in the U.S.  Crying in order to disguise their voice, the caller claims to be stranded in Mexico and in need of money.  A person claiming to be a lawyer then comes on the line with instructions for transferring funds.

Week of February 18


On February 17, a 43 year old male U.S. citizen was shot three times at approximately 5:30 Tijuana's Zona Rio neighborhood, which is near retail stores frequented by U.S. citizens. The victim remains unconscious and motives for the shooting are not clear. According to his family, he was shot on the way to a market. 

On February 19, a 29 year old male and his 24 year old brother, both U.S. citizens, were found dead in an abandoned gas station on the outskirts of Mexicali. Their hands and mouths were bound and their remains showed signs of beatings. Both died of gunshot wounds. The police noted that these murders appeared to be consistent with the settling of scores between drug traffickers.

Week of February 2


A newspaper in Sinaloa reported the capture of Chapo Guzman’s chief security enforcer, Jonathan Salas Avilez, a.k.a "The Ghost," on Saturday Feb. 9th, 2013. He was arrested without incident by the Mexican military in Costa Rica, Sinaloa just south of the city of Culiacan.


A 30 year-old U.S. citizen reported to the Tijuana Consulate that she was kidnapped on December 9, 2012 as she was leaving a party in Tijuana.  She claims to have been held captive for two months and to have been physically abused.